It is common to describe people metaphorically. These descriptions bear a truth and tell a poignant story.

~  She is down in the mouth

~  He looks like a sad sack

~  She acts like a numb skull

~  He is cold as ice

~  She can’t stand her ground

~  He has no backbone

~  She is a pushover

~  He is shouldering so much

Without knowing it, we wear our life experiences on our sleeves, so to speak.

  The person who feels burdened by life may appear hunched over, weighed down or collapsed

The person who is depressed may speak in a monotone voice, wear a permanent frown, and move methodically

  The person who has been traumatized often looks stunned, disoriented or frozen

•  The person who is harboring anger may have a cool stare, clenched jaw and bitter expression
We Wear Our History
To the trained eye, our bodies tell a story. Trauma, especially in the developmental years of life, leaves an imprint on our cellular, skeletal and muscular systems. These stored “memories” often are locked away from our conscious knowing, though they reveal themselves in our physical build, stance, posture, eyes, jaw, voice, breathing, and energy level.

Bioenergetic therapists are highly-trained to pay particular attention to the stresses of life anchored within the body, observing areas that appear collapsed, constricted, overextended, or undercharged. 

In a supportive and trusting environment, Bioenergetic psychotherapists work with clients to explore the emotional issues underlying these physical blocks, disruptions or “dis-ease.” Sessions often include a series of breathing, grounding and expressive exercises that help clients move from little or no body awareness to a gentle, conscious awareness of their body’s sensations and feelings.
Therapy Session Overview
Our bodies tell a story
When energy begins flowing through chronically-defended areas, clients start to feel the pulsation of life. As the connection between the mind and the body - the head and the heart - become more unified, clients experience what it is like to more fully inhabit their bodies.

Over time, the mind and body integrate this newfound connective energy in profound ways. Clients feel more awake and fully present in the moment. They begin to move through life with a greater sense of ease, spontaneity and grace. Feelings of acceptance, compassion and pleasure unfold organically. Daily living and human relationships become more enjoyable and satisfying. 

Bioenergetic Analysis, like other forms of psychotherapy, is a journey. In a safe and nurturing environment, Bioenergetic therapists help clients understand the origin of their defenses, how those defenses helped them survive, and how releasing those defenses will open new paths to self-expression, creativity and connections of the heart.
“The therapeutic relationship provides a place of safety in which healing begins. The therapist reads the body, resonates with its energy, feels the emotions, listens, hears and answers the words.” 
                                       ~ International Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis
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