“…Pleasure is the tie that binds. To me this means that pleasure binds us to our bodies, to reality, to our friends, and to our work. If a person has pleasure in his daily life, he will have no desire to escape.”
“In my opinion the hectic and almost frantic pace of modern living is a clear sign of the fear we have of being and of life. And as long as this fear exists in a person's unconscious, he will run faster and do more so as not to feel his fear.”
“If the overall body is rigid, the individual will have no feelings of tenderness. On a deeper level, many people lack feelings of love because their hearts are locked in a rigid thoracic cage which blocks both the awareness of the heart and the expression of heartfelt feelings.”
From Pleasure: A Creative Approach to Life (2006)
From Bioenergetics

“Many people, especially those who are characterized as intellectuals, have mainly a head consciousness. They communicate their thoughts easily, but they have great difficulty in knowing or expressing what they feel. They talk about feelings but neither sense nor act on them. They are only conscious of the idea of the feeling. Of such people it might be said that they don’t live life, they think their way through it. They live in their heads. A person with body consciousness knows what he feels and where he feels it in his body.
From Depression and the Body (1972)

“Everyone knows that feelings and moods are contagious. A depressed person depresses the spirits of others without having to do anything to produce this effect. In the presence of a happy person we feel glad. He may be said to radiate good feelings. It cannot be denied that we are influenced by the spirit of another person.”
From The Spirituality of the Body (1990)

“Feeling is the life of the body, just as thinking is the life of the mind...peace of mind depends on peace of body. The struggle between the ego and the body robs man of the peace of mind he needs to experience the joy that life offers....No thought is right for a person unless it also feels right to his body”
From:  Fear of Life (2003)
From Joy: The Surrender to the Body and to Life (1995)
Alexander Lowen’s Writings
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