•   The Michigan Society for Bioenergetic
      Analysis is a nonprofit organization with
      a respected 40-year history

•   Bioenergetic Therapy is highly effective
      in treating depression, addictive
      behaviors, anxiety, childhood traumas,
      post-traumatic stress disorders,
      narcissistic wounding and sexual

    Bioenergetic Therapists honor the
      intricate and delicate mind-body

•   Psychotherapeutic sessions combine
      talk therapy with guided bodywork

•   Clients report profound and lasting
      life changes

•   Alexander Lowen, M.D., founded 
      Bioenergetic Analysis during the
      1950s and has published 14 books
      on the subject

•   The International Institute for Bioenergetic
      Analysis (IIBA) has more than 54 training
      institutes worldwide
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Michigan Bioenergetic Analysis
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For more than four decades, bioenergetic trainers, therapists, clients and students have gathered in Rochester Hills, MI to explore body-based psychoanalysis.
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