Rachel Glick, BSN, LCSW, CBT/LT
Royal Oak, MI

Rachel came to the bioenergetic community as an RN with experience working in the field of substance abuse. She has been practicing Bioenergetic Analysis since 1990 and continues to practice both on a personal and professional level. She works with individuals, couples and groups.
Certified Bioenergetic Therapists (CBTs) most commonly hold a Master’s degree in psychology, counseling or social work. In addition, they undergo a rigorous training and supervision program to earn certification as a CBT.

Bioenergetic therapists adhere to the psychoanalytic framework, which stresses the importance of understanding:

•    Each individual is unique

•    There are factors outside of a person's
       awareness (unconscious thoughts, feelings
       and experiences) which influence his or her
       thoughts and actions

•    The past shapes the present

•    Human beings are always engaged in
       the process of development throughout
       their lives
Sally Martz, LMSW, CBT, LT
Detroit, MI

Sally has been a psychotherapist for over 35 years working initially as an addiction specialist treating individuals and their family members. She then expanded her practice to include people with emotional and physical trauma and abuse. Sally came to the bioenergetic community as a trainee and has been certified since the l990’s.
The Psychoanalytic Framework
Jane Ahlfeld, MA, LLP, CBT/LT
Troy, MI

Jane has been in private practice as a Bioenergetic Analyst since 1984 and has been a local trainer in Michigan for more than 10 years. Overlapping careers as a speech/language pathologist and Certified Bioenergetic Therapist have helped herdevelop expertise in working with traumative children and autistic children. She has had success in working with narcissistically wounded adults, couples stuck in belief and relationship patterns, and individuals experiencing issues related to anxiety and depression.
Jody Brooks, MA, LPC, CBT
West Bloomfield, MI
Rochester Hills, MI
Office: 248-885-0017

Jody has been in private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor for more than 20 years. Her emphasis is on working with women, men, and adolescents experiencing life transition issues. In addition, she has more than 35 years experience as a Special Education Teacher Consultant in the public schools.
Ann Coleman, LMSW, CBT
Rochester Hills, MI

Ann has enjoyed her career in Social Work since 1995 and has been involved
in Bioenergetic Therapy since 2000. Her work began with emotionally and
physically traumatized children and their families, which shaped her
expertise in multi-generational patterns of trauma and abuse. She has
professional training in Experiential/Adventure Therapy, Co-Occuring disease
(when a person lives with two or more disorders), and Addiction Recovery.
She has provided service in schools, juvenile detention, and psychiatric
settings. She works with teens, adults, parent/child dyads, and groups. Visit
anncoleman.us for more information.
Anne Watson, BSW, CBT
Rochester Hills, MI

Anne had 10 years of experience as a special education teacher with cognitively and emotional impaired individuals before she came to the Bioenergetic program. She has more than 30 years experience, personally and professionally, with Bioenergetic therapy. She is a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist. Her focus is working with individuals who are experiencing
situational anxiety and depression, as well as those with more generalized, long-term forms of anxiety and depression.
Michigan's Certified Bioenergetic Therapists are highly-skilled practitioners of this body-centered psychoanalytic therapy. Beyond their psychology training and personal therapeutic journey, they have years of practical experience working with body-mind unity and health.

We invite you to read about Michigan therapists and learn more about their backgrounds and specialties.
When you are ready to reach out and make an appointment, you may call or email to schedule a consultation.

Michigan Bioenergetic Therapists are affiliated with the International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA)
and the North American New Zealand Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (NANZIBA).
“Just as a woodsman can read the life history of a tree from a cross section of the trunk, so it is possible for a bioenergetic therapist to read a person’s life history from his body.”
Excerpt from Bioenergetics (1975)
Certified Bioenergetic Therapists
Psychotherapy that enhances your physical and emotional well-being
Michigan Bioenergetic Analysis
Michigan Bioenergetic Analysis
Rochester Hills, Michigan

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Practioner Guide
Michigan Bioenergetic Psychotherapists
Lynn Lombardo, CBT
Canton, Northville

Lynn is a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist and a Limited Licensed Psychologist practicing under the supervision of a Licensed Psychologist, Christine Centrell, Ph.D. Lynn has more than 20 years experience with individuals, couples and families. She deals with a range of mental health issues and believes healing happens when emotional release occurs in a safe environment. Her goals are to help people change limiting thoughts and beliefs and develop a stronger sense of self.
Nancy L. Phillips, MA, LLPC, CBT
Lake Orion, MI

Nancy is a Certified Bioenergetic Therapist and also has training in Experiential Psychodrama Therapy. She has been involved with Bioenergetic Therap ysince 1988 and has had a private practice since 2009. For additional information, please visit her website at: