The Tipping Point: When should I seek out a therapist?

We often seek out therapy during periods of extreme stress. Our relationships may be suffering. We may feel disconnected and alienated, or frustrated and agitated. We may be emotionally flat-lined, or overly excitable. Our bodies could be in physical pain, or we may have addictions or addictive patterns that are negatively impacting our lives.

No matter how slight or severe the symptoms, we know inside that something is wrong. We are functioning, yet we are not fulfilled. We are living a life of discontent.

Bioenergetic Therapists work with us as partners in health and recovery. They provide tools, skills and insights to help us cope with our current situation, examine our patterns of behavior, and change the trajectory of our lives. Having an objective observer, confidant and advocate is invaluable. Everyone deserves skilled guidance, compassion and support.

Bioenergetic Analysis: Is this a “new age, 1970s, tree hugger” type of therapy?

Bioenergetic Analysis has been thriving internationally for more than 60 years. In many ways, founder Alexander Lowen, a physician and psychotherapist, was ahead of his time. His medical training and psychoanalytic experience led to one of Bioenergetics’ basic tenets: the mind affects the body…and the body affects the mind.

Today’s neuroscience research is providing far-reaching insights about the brain-body connection. This is exciting news for members of the Bioenergetics community. In the past, it was scientifically impossible to “measure” the progress of emotional healing. Breakthroughs in brain research and imaging are beginning to substantiate the cellular transformations occurring within the brain following body-centered therapy.

Will my therapist take my insurance?

Each Bioenergetic Therapist determines their fees and their acceptance of insurance individually.  Some therapists work in clinics that determine fees and payment, however most Certified Bioenergetic Therapists and Trainee Candidates practice privately.  Insurance companies use financial measures to dictate limitations of treatment that can actually hinder the true healing process.  Please discuss fees and use of insurance with your potential therapist.

Is therapy confidential?

Confidentially is of the highest  importance to each therapist.  Therapists are bound by a code of ethics to take steps to insure each client’s privacy.  Each therapist has an understanding of this standard of practice between colleagues.  Please talk to your therapist if you have any concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

         •  Overcome depression

         •  Heal emotional conflicts

         •  Relieve physical pain

         •  Treat addictive patterns

         •  Release chronic stress

         •  Open yourself to creativity

         •  Become more spontaneous

         •  Feel more joy

         •  Let go rather than control

         •  “Be” rather than “do”
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