"We are all yearning to be seen...and to be known."
~ Leslie Case, PhD
                                                               International Bioenergetic Trainer

Each time we halt the natural expression of our self and our desires, chronic tension begins to take hold within our bodies. These blocked impulses become permanently and unconsciously buried within our muscle tissue. Our body becomes armored with psychological defenses.

Bioenergetic Therapy helps release long-held tensions and energy blocks that keep us from living full, spontaneous and pleasurable lives. When we finally become free of physical and emotional constrictions, we feel energized, awakened and empowered. It is only then that we understand how very exhausting “holding on for dear life” has been.

When we liberate our energy, we reawaken…and come home…to our own aliveness.
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Reclaiming our aliveness
Bioenergetic therapy is about reacquainting and reconnecting our intellectual selves with our physical selves…about reuniting our minds with our bodies.
As children, our emotional expressions are often met with disapproval, rejection, humiliation or punishment. In order to avoid negative consequences, we begin to control our natural impulses and expressions. For the sake of survival, we stop ourselves from reaching out, pushing away, speaking up, or standing our ground. 
Traditional psychotherapy involves a passive dialogue between therapist and client. Bioenergetic Analysis expands on that component by giving a voice to our bodies. In a world that is increasingly complex, it is easy to lose touch with our bodies and get stuck in our heads. Yet, it is impossible to be genuinely happy unless we are firmly rooted and grounded in our bodies.
Psychotherapy that enhances your physical and emotional well-being
Michigan Bioenergetic Analysis
Michigan Bioenergetic Analysis
Rochester Hills, Michigan

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