Bioenergetic therapy saved my life. Although my existence looked great from the outside, my marriage was in shambles and I felt constantly agitated, aggravated and hopeless.  I was becoming unglued…and I was terrified. By some miracle, I found my therapist at the Barn. The combination of talk therapy with bioenergetic bodywork was a godsend for me.  At last, I was able to express myself in a safe environment.  I began to realize that the feelings I was trying so hard to keep under control were actually controlling me. Expressing whatever I was feeling during my sessions…whether anger, fear or sadness…brought me a remarkable sense of physical and emotional relief. My life began to change in ways I never could have imagined.”                                                                     ~ P.C.O., Birmingham, MI
Bioenergetic therapy helped me to remember and bring along parts of myself that I left behind in childhood.  In the past, those parts had to be silenced or compromised in order that I might grow up and get along in the world I lived in.  Once able to realize this, bioenergetics proved to be the perfect therapeutic vehicle.  It uniquely uses its double-door allies of mind and body to reach the storerooms where our vital, essential natures reside.”            ~A.W., Rochester, MI

"My mother brought me here, to this earth.  My bioenergetic therapist gave me life.”                     ~ Louise, Highland Park
I know I have changed profoundly and my life has definitely changed, and I do not have the words.”         ~ L.S., Troy, MI
I was 28-years-old and a mother of three, when I nearly died of a perforated duodenal ulcer while being treated for "a bad gallbladder.” Recovering from the near-death experience, I tried the mental health route with drugs, etcetera.  Alcohol seemed the least abusive to my long-term health, although valium and various other drugs were ordered by my psychiatrist, internist and gynecologist.  Having hit bottom at age 37, and after several surgeries and hospitalizations later, I stopped drinking by going to AA.
     Seven years later, in 1983, I met my first Bioenergetic Analyst.  What a find!  I began, with her guidance, to trust my senses and even my thinking. Eventually, I learned to speak from a "ME" position and learned about myself as a self-possessed woman of talent and "smarts.” I went back to school and completed my Master's Degree in Social work, having had a B.S. in Nursing previously. I became a Certified-Licensed Social Worker in the State of Michigan. My greatest achievement, however, was going through years of training to become a "Certified Bioenergetic Therapist.” I now have a private practice and also serve as a trainer for the local Certified Bioenergetic Therapist training program.
     I don't want to leave the impression that these years have been completely happy, joyous and free. I have experienced much turmoil, terror, fear, rage, loss, stark reality, and the nitty-gritty of life over 35 years. I also have experienced health, joy, love and satisfaction in experiencing my own personal growth and in introducing Bioenergetics to my family, friends, clients and trainees.  I have experienced full-bodied growth and health for myself and have faith that the "Body, Mind, Spirit" or "Head, Heart and Genitals" approach of our model can fit nearly every individual's "dis-ease.”   Vive La Life!"                                                                                                            ~ R.G., Royal Oak, MI
"Feeling is believing."   ~ Shane, Troy, MI
I have been a bioenergetic therapy client for several years. This work has been invaluable in helping me heal from the deep wounds of my childhood…wounds that manifested in many areas of my adult life. Depression was something I fought most of my life, yet on an intuitive level I knew drugs were not the answer...they would only treat the symptom, not the cause. I have found Bioenergetic therapy to be enlivening, comforting and powerful. If you are searching for a drug-free way to change your life for the better, I highly recommend you explore this form of body-based psychotherapy.”                                                                                                                                                    ~ R.O., Clarkston, MI
"As both a trainee and client of Bioenergetic Analysis, I find it extremely valuable to learn about and experience how the body stores feelings in the form of muscular tensions and how the act of release allows me to embody my cognitive awareness and express more of my authentic self."                                                                         ~ Anonymous, Berkley, MI
As a client of this work, I am forever awed by the depth of my experience that continues to unfold. Discovering my Self within the tissue layers of my history is enlivening and profound. As I literally move into and through sensations, feelings and thoughts all interwoven in this unconscious and protective pattern, somehow the complexity of who I am is simplifying. This work is not for the casual observer, it is for the adventurous explorer!”              ~ KYM, Rochester, MI
When I first heard about Bioenergetic therapy I was reluctant to give it a try. It sounded rather ‘new-age’ radical. How could working with my body, cure what was in my head? I had already tried the more traditional forms of talk therapy so was not unfamiliar with that process but still felt skeptical. After a few Bioenergetic sessions it started to make sense and now I have had the good fortune to be guided by several knowledgeable, caring therapists who have helped me realize how our bodies mirror our emotional state of being. Working with a therapist has helped me identify the areas where I hold tension in my body when I am angry or sad or frightened. As a result, in between therapy sessions I am able to use the techniques or exercises to help myself literally “get grounded”, to minimize the whirling out-of-control sensations and feel my feet on the ground and above all else to BREATHE. It works for me.”                ~ Bill, Franklin, MI
Bioenergetics is my way of life now. By persistently doing daily bioenergetic exercises, and working with a bioenergetic therapist, I have experienced joy like I never felt possible. My energy level has increased dramatically and my thinking is much clearer. Sometimes I find myself feeling so good that I wonder where it came from, as if I’m not supposed to feel this good. I didn’t seem to resolve my problems with other types of therapy. There was always “something” missing and I would find myself “stuck” once again. By taking a long-term approach and working on my issues with Bioenergetic Analysis, I experience hope, spontaneity and energy that unexpectedly continue to grow!”
                                                                                                                                                                          ~ Rick P., Waterford, MI
It is so difficult to describe this type of body-based psychoanalysis. All I can really say is that when I walk out of my session, I feel a whole lot better than when I walked in. Something that rarely happened in my Freudian therapy."
                                                                                                                                                                       ~ C.F., St. Clair Shores, MI
"After a several years into my bioenergetic therapy someone asked me if I was happy. Happy? That's not the right question to ask a recovering addict. I know how to concoct happy. I have peace and joy every day I'm alive now. The demons are gone out of my head. I'm comfortable in my own skin....because I can feel myself, be myself."
                                                                                                                                                                                      ~ Anonymous, MI
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