During the grounding process, a client’s breathing deepens. Long-held throat, neck, chest, and diaphragm muscles begin to loosen and relax. Breathing, once shallow, starts to flow from deep within the abdomen. Perhaps for the first time, clients experience what it is like to fully “breathe life in.”
Therapists provide an empathetic and supportive setting for clients to express and release physical and emotional conflicts. This client began her session talking about being caught in a “tug of war” at work. Bioenergetic postures often serve as a metaphor, allowing our bodies to act out, and express our life conflicts.
The more we ground and breathe, the more alive we become. Our bodies may begin to vibrate softly or pulsate eagerly. Our eyes brighten, our skin regains color, our movements become more fluid and flexible. We experience a unified sense of relief and pleasure as we reawaken to our inherent energies.
Bioenergetic therapy is active, not passive. Sessions usually begin with a client discussing current life issues with a trusted therapist, and then flow into guided physical movements that help release long-held emotional stress and chronic physical tensions.
“Grounding is a bioenergetic concept and not just a psychological metaphor. When we ground an electrical circuit, we provide an outlet for the discharge of its energy. In a human being, grounding also serves to release or discharge the excitation of a body.”
                                              ~ Alexander Lowen
            Excerpt from
Depression and the Body
A Brief Introduction
Basic Bioenergetic Postures
Bioenergetic clients learn a variety of postures that assist in grounding the feet, legs and body in the “here and now”--       in the present reality of their lives. Through grounding, clients begin to feel firmly connected to themselves, the ground they
stand on, and the world around them.
Learn More About Grounding
Grounding exercises have an immediate affect and help bring significant relief from stress, anxiety and depression. Therapist Michael Nagel of Oregon recently released The Getting Grounded Manual: 50+ Exercises for Your Psychological and Physical Well-Being. Check it out!
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Michigan Bioenergetic Analysis
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