Two Vignettes                         
By Jack B. McIntyre of Michigan, M.D., CBT/LT
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors:
A Paper on Boundaries
By Jane Ahlfeld of Michigan, MA, LLP, CBT/LT
Stars Locked in Stone: A Clinician’s Guide to Masochism   
By Stephen M. Johnson,  Ph.D., San Francisco, CA
Depression and Psychotherapy                 
By Laura Steckler & Courtenay Young
“How Your Body Can Help Your Mind,”
More magazine, November, 2008    
Professional Pastoral-Counseling Institute-Book Review on “The Spirituality of the Body,”
by Alexander Lowen, M.D.
Validation of the Body in Psychotherapy                   
By Mia Leijssen, Journal of Humanistic Psychology
The Construct Validity of the Bioenergetic-Analytic Character Typology: A Multi-Method Investigation of a Humanistic Approach to Personality 
By Robert Glazer & Harris Friedman 
Videos & DVDs
Bioenergetic Exercises-From SCIBA
A 30-minute video based on the principles of Bioenergetic Analysis. The DVD offers stress relieving exercises followed by a brief body-centered meditation. Produced by the Southern California Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis, and may be purchased at:
Video Series on Bioenergetics -From the Florida Society for Bioenergetic Analysis
Series of bodywork demonstrations on Bioenergetic postures and short lectures by Bioenergetic therapists. To purchase full-length videos on Bioenergetic training and bodywork techniques, visit
Interview with Dr. Alexander Lowen: Global Oneness Video
This compilation was made to help support the Lowen Foundation. You can purchase the full 90-minute Lowen interview on DVD at
Introduction to Bioenergetic Therapy with Dr. Frank Hladky
This DVD series documents Dr. Frank Hladky’s work with Bioenergetics and is presented in a clear and easy to understand format. These DVDs are for therapists, students and the general public who want to gain a deeper understanding of Bioenergetics.
Basic Introduction to Bioenergetics
Therapist Kyle Hoofnagle provides a short video introduction to Bioenergetics.
Audio Interviews
Audio Interview with Eleanor Greenlee, MFT
An interview with Eleanor Greenlee, Bioenergetics therapist and international trainer, by Dr. Robert Glazer. Greenlee recounts her experiences teaching and practicing Bioenergetics therapy during this audio interview on the Lowen Foundation website.
Interview with Dr. Scott Baum, Certified Bioenergetic Therapist-Podcast & MP3 Audio
Listen to an interview with Scott Baum on Bioenergetic therapy and how it differs from other psychotherapy practices.
Psychotherapy that enhances your physical and emotional well-being
Michigan Bioenergetic Analysis
Freud, Reich & Lowen: Historical Overview Video
A brief video overview of Freud, Reich and Lowen about the evolution of psychoanalysis and bioenergetic analysis.
Michigan Bioenergetic Analysis
Rochester Hills, Michigan

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